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Naomi Fuks was born in Israel in 1966.

Naomi Is a Pop/expressionist artist. Her unique mixed media techniques and style over canvas combined with acrylics and chalk drawings, create powerful imagination, even that the Expressionism was a modernist movement, in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century, Naomi has a new style, that combine it, to the postmodern present in our time.

Emotional effect in order to awake the viewers. Naomi for sure have the power to do so, and thought as an expressionist developed a powerful mode of social criticism in their serpentine figural renderings and bold colors.

Naomi began painting at the age of three. She later studied painting and drawing at the Avni Institute of Art and Design and photography and illustration at the Vital Center for Design Studies in Tel Aviv.  In the first years after graduation, inspired by Gustav Klimt, she specialized in Acrylic and Oil paints, combined with colored pencils. She especially enjoyed working with human models, fascinated by the human body and its curves and by the expression of the face. The playfulness of lights and shades takes the viewer into an everlasting dream, challenging the border between reality and imagination.

Naomi’s unique art had been presented in exhibitions all over the world. Now she is presented at Kitano Alley Gallery (KAG) “New Concept Gallery” in Kobe Japan and at

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